Dyson DC44 Animal

Dyson DC44 Animal

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    • Dyson DC44 Animal Handstick (57460260)
    • Dyson DC44 Animal Handstick (57460260)

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Dyson DC44 Animal Review

  • 4.5 / 5
    • The good:
      Minimalist, Modern, Space-Saving, Wireless, Detachable, Portable
    • The bad:
      Button Doesn

    The Dyson D44 Animal features the ultra slim vacuum cleaner which is at the same time a wireless device that masters in making the home cleaning routine as quick and as hassle-free as possible. It may not be the all-around performer as it has a very minimalist design. Some may find the wireless feature a bit too complicated but for a lot of technology forward individual, this is probably a good thing. 


    The DC44 is pretty much the indigenous evolution since the DC35. The cleaning ability of it is not only limited to the floor but can even reach the ceiling for a more sanitary home, work place, or anywhere you want to use it to. Everything about this vacuum cleaner screams lightweight and portability. The great thing about this cleaner also is that it is not just limited for use at home and can even be used for the car most especially if you have kids who need prior supervision in order to keep the places they are in tidy. 


    Conserving the battery is a must as this one cannot be connected to a power socket at all. But then the D44 Animal is much faster than the usual electric motors as it definitely does not have the inconvenient wire that hunts you whenever you are cleaning. Although, you may find the dock a bit cheap-looking due to its plastic unit and may give the impression that it is not as sturdy as the others. Some of the claims that this one seems to have a very short life span may or may not be true. Maybe that is due to the fact that the integrations it has is not as durable as the other competitions. However, for something that offers a really versatile performance, you really should not ask for more.


    The Dyson D44 has the wall mount which is pretty space-saving as you do not need to worry about where to put it anymore. It’s like, in one way or another, the Dyson D44 becomes a part of the home decors that you have on your home sweet home. If concept alone, you could say that the Dyson D44 sets the bar for the handheld and futuristic vacuums and the traditional ones everybody group up with. However, if you look at it on another angle, you will find that this one still has a way to go and is not as precise or perfect just yet. 


    Like for example, the noise it can produce whenever powered on is not quite bearable. Another thing is the trigger it has. It needs to always be held and it somewhat becomes exhausting and inconvenient after a while. It should have been better if there is a lock or something to make it standby without the need of a person to always keep it on. Maybe what they expected upon making this feature is that it will save more energy for the cleaner. The bad thing about it is that it cannot be left alone working continually and also needs the supervision of the user. It’s pretty troublesome.