DeLonghi EN125SPLUS

DeLonghi EN125SPLUS

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    • Delonghi Nespresso Pixie Coffee Machine EN125SPLUS

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  • 4.75 / 5
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      Cheaper Than Others, Quick Heat-up, Easy To Use, Pretty Direct, Highly Productive
    • The bad:
      Dysfunctional Milk Froth

    The Delonghi Nespresso EN125S Plus is the Coffee making machine which gives you something that is not only inexpensive but also performs like it is worth than it actually is. Basically, what the Delonghi can boast in is how it has the 1260W power, very portable brewing unit, as well as the 19-bar pressure pump. All of which, are matched by the 0.7L removable water tank. 


    If you want something that helps lessen the energy consumption, the Delonghi Nespresso EN125S machine uses 40% less of electric consumption. Considering that this one is pretty similar to the Nespresso Citiz, the Plus was innovated with the Thermoblock Heating Element that can take even cold water and make it to be a fairly hot one. Even though making coffee is not an issue for espresso makers, the amount of coffee you get to make on it, is. That’s mainly the reason why the Delonghi Nespresso EN125S has been integrated with a water tank that can save up to 700ml of water. Therefore, it is not an issue if you have so many people coming over as you could be perfectly sure that everyone will be served.


    Speed is the strength of the Nespresso Plus. Why? That is because it has the utter ability to take a coffee and brew it in not more than a minute. In fact, it can even use the mere 30 seconds and let the coffee get brewed in those seconds. The EN125S is pretty versatile and can give way to whatever the size of the cup you want to use on it. If you prefer the big mug, or the small one, the Delonghi Nespresso Plus has the cup holder for you. It is also very easy to use and has the sleek design to keep you interested. 


    What’s even more fantastic is that for something that does not go way overboard and has a price that is under 1000 dollars, you get to make something that can even be compared to the ones made by high-end coffee shops. Yet, you get to pay less for what you get. Isn’t that just brilliant? But not to say that this espresso-maker is just about the pros, it has cons too. For one, the Aeration milk froth is included on this is kind of lame. It does not get hot enough or that it is not dishwasher safe. Some also say that the Delonghi should have chosen an alternative brand that will give a much more efficient performance. But then again, considering that this is just the minor drawback and that it is not actually from the Pixie as it is just an additional feature sponsored by another brand is definitely not a big deal. The size is excellent for those kitchens that are not as big as the others as it has the minimalist design for everyone to love. If you are short in space but wants to have something really ergonomic and time-saving, the Delonghi Nespresso EN125S Plus is worth taking a shot on.