Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Core Ox Men's

Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Core Ox Men's

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    • Converse All Star Ox Plimsolls - Black (M5039)
    • Converse All Star Ox Plimsolls - Black (M5039)

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  • 5 / 5
    • The good:
      Functional, Stylish, Old school look, Great material, Comfortable
    • The bad:
      Bigger than actual size, Cannot be compared to running shoes, Expensive

    The Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Core Ox Men is the entry-level shoe made by Converse that features the classic oxford look in a stylish core silhouette. The Ox men is just one of those conventional and quintessential classic looks retained by the Converse that has been raving the market ever since it was released. It is extremely sturdy and can provide just the right amount of support for anyone. So it doesn’t matter what you do in the outdoors is hiking, running, riding, dancing, ramp modeling, climbing or whatever, the Chuck Taylor Ox will be your guy. The Ox Men is light in weight and wearing them will get you to places and feel nearly as if you are walking barefoot. They are durable and wearing them is like wearing feathers.


    The material is wonderful and the quality it has is good. What makes the Core Ox a stand-out is the fact that it’s remained true to its identity for the past century and Converse makes quality shoes that is made to last. Some people hate the fact that the Converse tend to make the foot looks bigger than it actually is. That is maybe because of the rubber outsole; however, a lot of people with small feet patronize it because of that very thing.


    One particular downside is that the laces appear to be longer than usual and it is somewhat impossible to keep the laces tied. Also, when walking, some say that there is the weird squeaking sound made. One thing to note though is that the advertised size of the shoe is not true to the actual size of the buyer. It’s as if every time someone buys their size, it appears to be too big for them. The bottom line is, that will always be the case so just try the smaller size or buy one, in case you’re buying online.


    There is not really anything so extravagantly spectacular about this Chuck’s. It is actually just the standard All Star’s that looks and feels good. It has the low-maintenance look that can go well with any casual outfit. These shoes are really nice and they can even be loved by followers of old school and vintage. However, when it comes to the support for the arch, it’s somewhat lacking. It may not be compared on lined with those given by other modern running shoes.


    About the weight though, even if it is lightweight, you should know by now that it does not have the same weight as other running shoes. On the bright side, even if it’s known a trend about the “size down” trend, some say that it is not true. There is an awkward fuss about the size being bigger than specified when in reality they are true to its size. Overall, if the shoes you are looking for is the one that will get you so many compliments and will look as fabulous as it can be and will be forever on trend, the Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Core Ox Men’s is the perfect fit.