Contour ContourROAM

Contour ContourROAM

Contour ContourROAM Review

  • 4.8 / 5
    • The good:
      Fantastic design; User-friendly software; Reasonable price; Good sound quality
    • The bad:
      Power button has an annoying tendency to fall off

    When you talk about ContourROAM, you definitely should be a professional videographer or a hobbyist film-maker. That’s because this video recorder is unlike any other and has the flattering exterior to back it up. What makes it pretty interesting is that it is not just a video recorder. It is actually made to be a helmet camera where the action is.


    The truth of the matter is that the good things already happen not just when two people are having a heart to heart talk or someone is paid to act. It also happens when you are not trying to fake it and how the scene is turning out to be is true to life. The greatest features that the ContourROAM has are the Bluetooth, GPS, On-Record Slider, Waterproof case -- only to mention a few. It can capture with fully high definition 1920x1080p video resolution and has the utter ability to record more than 120 frames every second. There is the mini USB Port and the external microphone jack on its exterior which makes it possible to transport and upload the videos quickly to the internet.


    Even though it has the fixed-focus of 170 degrees for the wide-angle lens, not everything are permanently set on it such as the exposure, white balance, saturation, and more are pretty adjustable. This sports camera is one of the most on demand as it has the ability to work for whatever you put it with. Not just because it is waterproof but also because it is absolutely lightweight and will surely be able to face any harsh circumstance. The impressive thing about this helmet camera is that it’s not going to be appealing only to those who are always on an escapade. For sure even those who are a bit more laid-back will find it really interesting. After all it’s not just great for filming fast-paced settings and is undoubtedly efficient as long as the environment has perfect lighting condition. You might want to note though that because it is not an overall video camera, it does not have the ability to perform well for low lighting conditions. But there is nothing to be picky about considering that it does not cost that much as well. The simplicity that the Contour has is matched by its minimalist design that pretty much embodies the video recorder that shines both physically and functionally. The ContourROAM is pretty intuitive and has what it takes to be patronized by a lot of people. 


    Preserving the “brand new” quality of the video camcorder is not difficult at all as the ContourROAM comes with a protective case to keep it as safe as possible. This camcorder raises the bar for the range of entry-level helmet cameras with a precision that is anything but ordinary. It even has the cool features to back it up. The bottom line is if what you are looking for something that will not get in the way and will just continue to offer an unswerving recording performance then the ContourROAM is the right thing to buy.

  • Product description
    • The Contour ContourROAM is manufactured by Contour and was added in December 2014 in the Action Camera section
    • This product has a rating of 4.8 out of 5