Canon EOS 600D

Canon EOS 600D

Canon EOS 600D Review

  • 5.0 / 5
    • The good:
      Responsive and versatile DSLR, Extensive ISO sensitivity range, Excellent image stabilization system
    • The bad:
      Relatively slower Live View auto-focus, Sounds may be picked up when adjusting focus during movie recording

    The Canon EOS 600D is one of highest models of the Canon DSLRs at the top of the entry level. It offers a 63-zone metering sensor similar to the more expensive Canon EOS 7D. Many professional videographers have been using this for cinematographic purposes because it is portable and can shoot 1080p full HD videos.

    On top of that, its lenses can be changed for various shooting needs. Ease of Operation, the Canon EOS 600D improves on its predecessors especially with the vari-angle LCD screen that maximizes the Live View and video shooting capabilities of this camera.


    The Canon EOS 600D is lightweight and has a plastic exterior shell. Most of the buttons are clearly outlined. The Creative Zone of the EOS 600D has a multitude of user-friendly settings for image taking. The latest mode is A-DEP that stands for Automatic Depth of Field. This allows the camera to pick an aperture setting and gives a sharp rendering to all the subjects within the auto-focus points of the camera. Instead of a Full Auto mode, the Canon EOS 600D has a new Scene Intelligent Auto mode that picks the best settings for various situations. There are various creative filters for improving the quality of images. There is also the Creative Auto mode for a slight touch of manual control for picture taking.


    The EOS 600D has three auto focus modes called One Shot, AI Focus, and AI Servo. But users always have instant control if they want to manually configure the focus settings on the fly. Video Settings Auto focus is even available in Live View for video taking with three options: Quick, Live and Face Detection. While these are reliable, the Live mode is still somewhat slower and takes three seconds to lock the focus. During video recording, the EOS 600D will not automatically focus but users can initiate the auto-focus anytime. The drawback here is that the microphone may pick up unnecessary noise from adjusting the focus of the camera. Frame rates for video shooting are available in 24, 25 and 30 frames per second in full High Definition. It can also shoot in the realistic 50 to 60 frames per second rate. Users can also adjust if the video system is NTSC or PAL.


    The Canon EOS 600D has a built-in microphone but its audio setting is configured for mono recording. Users can connect an external microphone for stereo recording. The LP-E8 battery of the 600D can take about an hour and a half worth of video footage, 150 to 180 shots in Live View and 400 to 440 images with the use of the optical viewfinder. Image Quality The Canon EOS 600D has two different JPEG file quality settings: Fine and Normal. The sharpening level within the camera can be configured according to the preferences of its users. The ISO sensitivity level of the EOS 600D is between ISO 100 to 6400 with an available boosted setting of 12800. For night photography enthusiasts, the Canon EOS 600D has a Bulb mode for longer exposures and its maximum shutter speed is 30 seconds. Image stabilization is one of the strengths of Canon and its kit lens allows users to take sharp photos even at slow shutter speeds. The anti-shake mechanism really makes a difference in taking pictures.

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    • The Canon EOS 600D is manufactured by Canon and was added in December 2014 in the Digital Cameras section
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