Breville Juice Fountain Plus BJE410

Breville Juice Fountain Plus BJE410

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    • Breville Juice Fountain Plus - BJE410 (B/BJE410)

      Trust Billy's "Sure Can"
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    • BREVILLE BJE410 Breville BJE410 Juice Fountain Max Whole Fruit & Vegetable Juicer Extractor/veggie

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    • Breville Juice Fountain Max Juicer (BJE410)

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    • Breville Juice Fountain Plus Juicer BJE410 - FREE Delivery & Price Match*

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    • Breville Juice Fountain Plus (BJE410)

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  • 4 / 5
    • The good:
      Quick, High Juice Yield
    • The bad:
      Splatters, Not For Juicing Leafy Greens
    The Breville juice Fountain Plus BJE410 is a heavy duty juicer with an extra 84 mm feed chute. This juicer has a unique central feed system for maximum extraction. Main parts of this unit are ultra sharp titanium re-inforced cutting disc, stainless steel micro mesh filter basket and 2-speed electronic controls. All parts of this juicer are dishwasher safe. These juice extractors are amazingly easy to use, one just has to turn them on, add the fruits and vegetables then push them down with the provided plunger. These juicers come with a special brush that makes the clean up done in a breeze. Another advantage of these juicers is that they are less noisy than some other popular centrifugal juicing machines. A Breville juicer will be as loud as a quieter hair drier. The juice tastes great and the juicing is really as fast and effortless as the manufacturer claims it to be. The big feeding chute (width: 3", length: 7") also helps to make the juicing job done quickly: you can toss in 3 mid-sized carrots at once or 2-3 apples stacked in the chute. There are some cons of this Juicer. For one it has a short warranty period (1-3 years), some juicer manufacturers give 5-10 years warranty on their product. Some have complained that the machine splatters fruit and veggie pieces all over. Also, some users complained that the Breville models don't juice leafy greens well. It's true, since these type of juice extractors along with other centrifugal juicers are not designed to juice leafy vegetables (spinach, parsley, lettuce etc.). So it is good to know what you want to juice before buying a juicing machine. For extracting juice from leafy veggies you'll need a single auger juicer (with dual stage juicing) or a twin gear juicer. The Breville juice Fountain Plus BJE410 is recommended for those who want to start juicing regularly but don’t have much time for the task of peeling and cutting up the fruits and vegetables, cleaning the machine etc. These easy-to-use appliances will suit well for busy people who wish to enrich their diet with tasty, freshly made juices on a regular basis.