BenQ G2420HD

BenQ G2420HD

  • Manufacturer: BenQ
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    • NO BRAND INFO NEW!!! BenQ G2420HD 24.0 Widescreen LCD Monitor - Piano Black, Full HD 1920 x 1080, HDMI, 2ms, 40,0

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      Visual clarity, lovely sharpness
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    The BENQ G2420 HD is an exquisite widescreen of LCD monitors which has a very inviting quality for ultra-powerful High Definition audio-visual enjoyment. The widescreen has been modified to offer you what you most desired. It suits perfectly your ergonomically luxurious lifestyle. It offers users and other tech geeks the freedom to indulge the Full High Definition entertainment which is highly sought after. Playing PS3 or just typically watching your most loved Blu-ray DVD has never been better. It also brings the happiness as well as promoting memorable bonds between families which is brought about by its ability to play your videos and images taken from your camcorder or digital camera. It will apparently make you feel as if you have been given a gift because it actually gives you more than what you apparently paid for. Though it does not have quite a great performance when it comes to dark areas, it still has a very user-friendly appeal as it really easy to use even if you are not that professional in handling such products. That disadvantage will probably affect, however, those who are so fond of watching movies mostly in the comfort of the dark. But then again, the screen does not have any predictable dead pixels and absolutely has a great contrast and color saturation. The BENQ G2420 HD promotes instant gratification as it does have the certain ease of access as well as the intended simplicity in using it. It has the versatility as well which is compatible to various kinds of monitors like the Mac, therefore, allowing users to make the most of their Mac experience whenever attached to the LCD monitor. Although the BENQ G2420 HD is not much of a famous brand and would rather get overlooked as well as second guessed, it does have the amazing quality which those risk-takers feel a little ego boost. That is due to the fact that you will not go wrong with this product. The lovely bright colors and immersive visual profoundness of the BENQ G2420 HD could not be stated enough. To make the story short, you will not go wrong with this.
  • User Review
    1. 9 15/01/2011 By conie

      This monitor is super awesome!

    2. 9 26/09/2010 By TimRaynor

      You will find this monitor as a very resourceful device with all sorts of plug-in capabilities. I actually bought this monitor to bring to a trade show were we had it to display to passing buyers on how our product works. Of course, after the show I brought it back to the office to use, and found myself loving it the more I used it. At first I just bought it for the fact it was a 24 inch, and then later I fully utilized it to see its limit. This monitor really plays HD content well, no kidding. I was curious on how it would handle blu ray since I had a blu ray reader on my laptop and it is extremely clear. I was quite surprised with the pixel layout and the low backlight bleeding it had. I love watch movies in the dark and one things I hate most is backlight bleeding and therefore hated watching movies at my desk because I would turn off the lights and see the bleeding. This monitor however had a bare minimum, and this is coming from someone who hates bleeding with a passion haha. Love this monitor, its awesome!