Apple iPhone 4 16GB

Apple iPhone 4 16GB

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    • Apple iPhone 4 16GB Black (Pre-Owned) (MC603X/A)
    • Apple iPhone 4 16GB Black (Pre-Owned) (MC603X/A)

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  • 5 / 5
    • The good:
      Polished sleek looks; Organized & easy to use; Good battery, fast processor and solid reliability
    • The bad:
      Reported issues with call quality; Unimpressive camera

    Apple has long been the name to beat in technology innovation and advancement. This time, with the iPhone 4, it also means a classy, sleek design. Featuring enhanced smartphone performance and a crystal clear display of vivid menu graphics, it’s really Apple’s gift to Apple tekkies everywhere.


    With much needed features absent from earlier models, it packs an added punch through the available iOS 4 update. It’s already a given that something as fully–loaded with features, with an interface as incredible as this to boot, would have a fast processor! The display features a gorgeous 940x640-pixel (326 pixels per square inch) "Retina Display" and the very same IPS screen found on Apple’s iPad. It shows vivid color, incredible graphics, sharp photos and videos and clear, readable text. There is no pixellation! Aesthetically, it’s a sleek, svelte unit that shouts class and style. In either black or white, with clean lines wrapped in durable glass and a stainless steel border (that doubles as an antennae), the only problem is that it attracts fingerprints and smudges like no other! It may also look a little boxy to some, with less than ergonomic corners, but it’s beautifully flat and thin and solidly stays put on a flat surface.


    Other features adding to the iPhone4’s functionality are a front-facing VGA camera, an LED flash with the main camera at the back, a noise-cancellation mic and split volume buttons that are more user-friendly than a volume rocker. Multi-tasking functionality is easy though it still takes a little getting used to. To save on battery and memory, the iPhone gives you a limited choice of up to seven apps that can run in the background. This keeps the phone from crashing and needing a reboot compared to its other counterparts. As far as organization is concerned, folders can be created to group together up to 12 applications you have so you don’t have to scroll through pages and pages of the home screen menu. The iOS 4 also offers a unified in-box that gives you access to messages from multiple accounts plus other handy considerations like organizing emails by thread, resizing photos before sending and opening attachments with the preferred application.


    There may be some issues with call quality and reception with the new antennas that require a case or a bumper for the unit that Apple thoughtfully provides, after issues were reported. The first antenna on the left side is for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth while the second, wrapping around the right is for Edge and 3G. Of course, when it’s Apple, you can bet on the exclusivity of the closed user experience by way of programs and downloadables. However, given that compatible apps have been popping up everywhere, it may be easier to personalize and add to its functionality. With a solid sum of all its good features, the iPhone4 is a powerful member of Apple's smartphone line, well worth considering in its category.