Apple iPad 3 32GB WiFi + Cellular

Apple iPad 3 32GB WiFi + Cellular

Apple iPad 3 32GB WiFi + Cellular Review

  • 5.0 / 5
    • The good:
      Functional, Fashionable, Lightweight, Iconic
    • The bad:
      Too mainstream

    The Apple iPad 3 32GB Wifi + Cellular which is famous for delivering the type of resolution and overall amazing quality for your photos, videos, movies, social media, and other entertainment and connectivity based functions.


    This iPad 3 model has a screen wide enough to enjoy various media classics and even the latest movies downloadable through the internet. It is the embodiment of a perfect digital viewing device which allows you to go boundless on the types of visuals you watch and choose and just like the phone era we are in, the Apple iPad 3 will provide you with the social connection that easily updates you whenever someone messages or emails you on your e-mail accounts. For the battery power, it has just the right amount of longevity. The back sensor illuminated in the back of it is also quite stylish. The design of the iPad 3 is identical to the iPhone and iPod Touch which mean that those who have an utter obsession with the iPhone and iPod will have the same luxury when it comes to the iPad.


    To be honest, a bunch of buyers only go for the Apple's devices just in order to maintain the "One look" on their gadgets and could really care less about its performance. The operating system of the iPad 3 is much more believable, intense, as well as precise in comparison to its already credible older versions. This is also robust when it comes to gaming and will give game enthusiasts the lifelike quality that adds up to the fun. For the camera, it has a rear and front camera that is integrated with an anti-shake capacity as well as the capability to manage setting with low lighting. When it comes to the availability of applications which are downloadable and accessible, it is quite superb. The number of apps on it is even more numerous than on those in the Android tablets. Apparently, when it comes to technology for tablets, the Apple iPad is becoming one of the standard qualities. Still, on the neutral side, if you are not really into a huge variety of downloadable installations and would rather go for something that can provide you with just what you need, then you should go for other tablets with specifications on its core purpose.


    The Apple iPad 3 32GB has the amazing ability to turn heads and get people to go for it. It is not too light nor is it too heavy. It does not look cheap at all. It has the undoubted fastness when you talk about its transition and more. When you think of an iPad, you think of a coffee shop or a Wi-Fi zone where you are there watching a movie, killing time. That is basically the concept of having this type of device. Do not expect it to have the whole qualities of a multi-faceted desktop computer or something. But if ever you get more for what you paid for, then maybe, just maybe, it is worth buying.

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    • The Apple iPad 3 32GB WiFi + Cellular is manufactured by Apple and was added in December 2014 in the Tablets section
    • This product has a rating of 5.0 out of 5