Apple iPad 3 16GB WiFi + Cellular

Apple iPad 3 16GB WiFi + Cellular

Apple iPad 3 16GB WiFi + Cellular Review

  • 4.8 / 5
    • The good:
      Pro fun, Tons of apps, Easy to navigate, Lightweight
    • The bad:
      Does not have work apps like Microsoft Office etc

    The Apple iPad 3 16GB Wifi + Cellular is one of the best releases by the iPad as it features not only the legendary innovations of the Apple, it also has the wonderful new integrations. It has the enhanced visual luxury through the intricate A5X chip quad core graphics as well as the astonishing 2048x1536 resolution. All that, ensure the vibrant and exquisite qualities of the audio visual interface of the tablet. The battery life’s longevity may not be that long but still you can use it in an extended 10 hours straight.


    The fast access quality it has allows you to get immediate reach to any of its features in just a touch of a finger or a press of the Home button. What is seemingly fantastic about having an Apple iPad 3 16GB is the seamless availability of enormous number of apps and downloads which you can access onto it at the tip of your fingers. It does not have those pop-ups or blockages which try to hinder the full excitement you can get from it. However, one of the things you should know by now is that you cannot fully have the same performance and responsiveness as for a laptop. It has a retina display that adds up to its overall appeal and it also has an ultrafast wireless connection to make everything work at its finest. It will allow you to do everything that you want as it comes with the most numerous applications that cannot be compared to any other. 


    The Apple iPad 3 16GB has the body which is much weightier and hard to manage than other tablets. However, this is the type of tablet which can give you the overall feel as if you are just using a laptop that does not have a keyboard. More often than not, the Apple iPad 3 16GB typically has the functions and all the modifications of and iPod or an iPhone, however, it somewhat differs when it comes to its limitations and boundlessness. The Cellular mode, on the other hand, is an added feature that makes it possible for the tablet to be an actual phone which can call or send messages to other phones. However, that particular feature is limited with an internet connection, yet again. Still, on the bright side, nowadays, Wi-Fi connections are not hard to find, in fact they are all over the place nowadays. 


    That is why having a Wi-Fi enabled gadget is a must already. The raft of applications allowable in the core of the Apple iPad 3 16GB is way better and larger than other platforms and the connectivity it gives like the Bluetooth, USB Port and other devices is clearly way off the hook. Nonetheless, you cannot be sure that it is compatible with other tablets so be sure to check first. Other than that, it is so easy to love this device and if you are looking for a toy to give you a luxurious time, then this is it.

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    • The Apple iPad 3 16GB WiFi + Cellular is manufactured by Apple and was added in December 2014 in the Tablets section
    • This product has a rating of 4.8 out of 5