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Leaf Vacuums and Blowers

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    1. McCulloch GBV345 Vacuum Blower
    2. McCulloch GBV345 Vacuum Blower

      This impressive McCulloch GBV345 Vacuum Blower is perfect for home owners with large gardens and for lifestyle blocks thanks to its powerful engine... McCulloch GBV345 Vacuum Blower

    3. $269.00
    1. Morrison Electric Vacuum Blower (552426)
    2. Morrison Electric Vacuum Blower (552426)

      Tidying up has never been easier! The powerful 2400 Watt Morrison Electric Vacuum Blower provides a variable speed engine producing blowing speeds... Morrison Electric Vacuum Blower (552426)

    3. $99.00
    1. Gardena AccuJet 18-Li Blower (G9333)
    2. Gardena AccuJet 18-Li Blower (G9333)

      Clean up the leaves and debris around your house easily with the lightweight Gardena AccuJet 18-Li Blower. Easy to store due to it"s compact design... Gardena AccuJet 18-Li Blower (G9333)

    3. $169.00
    1. Victa Electric Mini Vacuum (MV1200)
    2. Victa Electric Mini Vacuum (MV1200)

      Powered by a 1400 Watt mains electric motor within a high density plastic chassis the Victa Electric Mini Vacuum is compact durable and easy-to-use... Victa Electric Mini Vacuum (MV1200)

    3. $169.00