Console Accessories

In our Video Game Accessories you will find a huge amount of different tools that will improve your gaming experience. If you have a Nintendo Wii U or Wii you’ll find different controllers with a variety of colors and functions, such as classic joysticks or dancing mats. The same applies for the other home consoles, you can find driving wheels, pedals, guns and arcade controllers that will make your Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 games even more fun. There are a number of cases to protect your controllers from falls and ... View more scratches. There are also improved versions of the original controllers with back pads to make it easier for you to game at a high level. You’ll find different Headsets for every platform too, some of them offer hi-fi audio and some will only let you talk to your friends online. We have accessories for older consoles, the Xbox and Playstation 2 have chargers and improved controllers as well, and many other compatible products. If you’re looking for PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS accessories, you’ll find plenty of options including cases, memory cards, headphones and chargers. PSP and Nintendo DS are not forgotten, you’ll see we have different options for them as well. If you’re in doubt be sure to read our reviews to find out which products work well with the video games you have and to see if your product is compatible with more than one console, some headsets are compatible with computers too, so you can play PC games and use the same headset. Our buying guides can help you too. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to read them! ... View less